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"Tamica Herod, aka “Ginger" is less about her red hair and more about Tamica Herod's Blues. The blues of the red-headed stepchild, the soul on fire. In the tradition of red-headed chanteuses who sang before her, Tamica's Janis Joplin comes with a side order of Bessie Smith, and her Bonnie Raitt comes with a dash of Etta James" - Sean Cotton


“Versatility is Tamica’s middle name. Blues, R+B, Funk, Soul and Rock and Roll hits from yesterday and today, she delivers them all at 150%...  a force to be reckoned with!” - Steve Grisbrook


“An engaging and gutsy performer - as beautiful to see as she is to hear, Tamica rocks the house with an unapologetic  "Wham bam, thank you ma’am!  


"In a word: Unforgettable”